# decrypt(cipherText, plainTextopt) → {PlainText|void}

Decrypts a CipherText and stores the result in the destination parameter.
Name Type Attributes Description
cipherText CipherText CipherText to decrypt
plainText PlainText <optional>
PlainText destination to store the decrypted result

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Returns undefined if a PlainText was specified. Otherwise returns a PlainText containng the decrypted result
PlainText | void

# delete()

Delete the underlying WASM instance. Should be called before dereferencing this object to prevent the WASM heap from growing indefinitely.

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# invariantNoiseBudget(cipherText) → {number}

Computes the invariant noise budget (in bits) of a CipherText. The invariant noise budget measures the amount of room there is for the noise to grow while ensuring correct decryptions. This function works only with the BFV scheme.
Name Type Description
cipherText CipherText CipherText to measure

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Invariant noise budget (in bits)